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Roborock G10 Self-Washing Mop Robot Vacuum Cleaner


As an intelligent sweeping and mopping robot, the Roborock G10 has an impressive power of 2500Pa. The humanized automatic water change and self-washing mop function is the ultimate gospel for lazy people. In daily use, users no longer need to hassle over whether the mop is clean. All you need to do is drain the dirty water and replace with clean water.

Sonic Mopping: Mop pad vibrate 3000 times/min, rub, scrub, remove 99.99% stubborn coffee, milk stain on floor surface

Auto Lift Up Mop Carpet Detection: Senses presence of carpet, auto lift up mop pad, avoid water stains left on carpet

Carpet mapping: Draw carpet zone on APP map, allow user to flexible define no-mopping zone

2cm Step Climbing: Get across 2cm sliding door trunk, travel between balcony, kitchen and living room without human carry

Anti-tangling Silicon Roller: Main roller brush is made of soft silicon gel, very smooth and slim shape, prevent hair, pet fur tangling around roller. Protect marble and wooden floor.

Multi Floor Map: Save up to 4 maps, customized vacuuming, mopping time and settings for each individual floor